Blunderers Varsity Squad Announcement

The Blunderers squad to take on OUHC’s Sporadics at 9:30am on February 17th has been selected. The Blundies are the only team in the club (in Cambridge?) with a 100% Varsity record. In fact, they have never lost a game of any sort. Let’s hope they can continue their remarkable record at Wiberforce Road next weekend.

  1. Ed Sides (gk)
  2. Aaran Amin
  3. Tom Edmintson
  4. Chris Bealey
  5. Elliot Bealey
  6. Bob Cliffe
  7. Dan Lindars
  8. Jonny Walker
  9. Harry Cox
  10. Henry Pulver
  11. Ciaran Flaherty
  12. George Margetson-Rushmore (c)
  13. Dan Eatough
  14. Lewis Phillips
  15. Alex Cargill
  16. Johnny Lewis-Brown

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