Club Information

CUHC fields 3 Men’s sides in the East Leagues and against Oxf*rd in the Varsity Matches. The Men’s Blues and The Wanderers also play in BUCS leagues on Wednesday afternoons. The respective 2018-19 Captains are listed in brackets:

Blues Captain’s Welcome (2018-19)


Hello and welcome to CUHC! I’m Sean Gilmore and I’ll be the Blues (1st XI) captain for the 2018/19 season.

Sean Gilmore: Blues Captain 2018/19

On Saturdays, the Blues play in East Premier League Division A, and this season we will be targeting promotion to the newly structured National League. Having come very close last year, we are also aiming for promotion to South Prem A of the inter-university BUCS leagues, the highest level of university hockey competition possible. The highlight of the year continues to be the Varsity match against Oxf*rd; the 118th match in March 2018 sadly saw us come out on the wrong side after a closely fought game but in 2019 we will be looking to bring the trophy back to Cambridge for the sixth time in the past eight years.

A bit about myself: this will be my second year at Cambridge studying Engineering at Jesus College. Prior to coming to Cambridge, I played Premier League hockey with Canterbury HC and in my first year in Cambridge I played for the Blues.


If you are an incoming fresher of any ability or age (or a current student who has not played hockey for CUHC) and are interested in playing hockey next year at any level, we would love to hear from you through the form below.

If you have played regular hockey before coming to Cambridge, then I would definitely encourage you to continue at university. Although there is a significant time commitment, it is extremely manageable and most people find they become far more efficient and organised with their time. It is very feasible to play high level hockey and do well academically, as many players in the CUHC do. The Club is also the largest in the University, putting out 3 men’s and women’s teams each week which means there is a fantastic social scene, with regular well attended events throughout the year.

Preseason training will start on Monday September 10th. Anyone is welcome to attend pre-season training but if you have played representative hockey before then pre-season is your best chance of forcing your way into a competitive squad. The first league matches are on the 22nd September and filling squads is always a challenging task, so do come down before then if you can. If you can only make it for a couple of days, that is absolutely fine, but do get in touch with me.

Having attended pre-season as a fresher last year I can tell you that it really made settling into Cambridge much easier as you meet lots of new people in CUHC. September is a fantastic time to start to get to know the city and the Club, giving you a head start over other freshers at the university.

Both Blues teams (Men and Women) are planning a small tour towards the end of September which will undoubtedly be a lot of fun and serve as a primary selection for the forthcoming year. If you need any more details, or if you have any questions, then please don’t hesitate to get in contact with me ().

I look forward to seeing you next year!

Sean Gilmore