The Blunderers

The Blunderers is an invitational side assembled each year for an annual fixture against OUHC Mens’ 4th XI (‘The Sporadics’). The team has run for four years, winning an impressive 50% of its’ fixtures.

The 2020 Blunderers in action

The squad typically exists of Squanderers squad members not selected for their Varsity squad, and a selection of players from the CUHC College Academy setup. The team is brought together at express pace and takes centre stage in the first game at 2s/3s/4s Varsity.

Whilst we would love to run a ‘full-time’ fourth team, sadly financial constraints do not allow.

We are also hoping to run a Women’s 4th XI team in the future, with a similar setup, but sadly OUHC has not been able to raise a team in the three years that it has been attempted.