The Squanderers

2019-2020 Season – East Leagues Division 3NW

  • Captain: Tom Whitworth
  • Vice Captain: TBC
  • Coaches: TBC

In 2019/2020, the Squanderers find themselves again in East leagues division 3NW. With dominant performances throughout the season, the squanderers lived up to their name and subsequently rued the chances they missed. When February came along, the Squanderers lost out to those Oxf*rd boys in a 3-1 defeat; a somewhat infrequent occurence in recent years.
With a large contingent remaining for another campaign, and undoubtedly additional fresher talent, the Squanderers will be looking to make defences in the 2019/2020 East Leagues look like colanders against their liquid hockey.
With Tom in charge, the ultimate aim of Cambridge Uni 3’s will be to teach a new batch of dark blues how to play hockey properly. Vigorous training and hard work throughout the season will enable the team to do nothing less than embarrass the Infrequents again when the Squanderers travel to Iffley road in February.


“For a long time we’ve all known the Squanderers are the best team in CUHC. We have more fun than the Ws, and it’s an indisputable fact that we’re in a different league to the Blues. The whole team is already in rigorous training for the annual athletics event, where we demonstrate our superhuman abilities to the whole club. ” – an anonymous Squanderer

The Squanderers 2018-2019

2019/20 Squad List


Owain Houghton
College: Queens
Age: 21


Fraser Allen
College: Sidney Sussex
Age: 19


Jason Allen
College: Pembroke
Age: 20


Harry Brignal
College: Magdalene
Age: 20


Alex Bird
College: St Catharines
Age: 23


Eytan Cortissos
College: Peterhouse
Age: 21


Guy Holden
College: St Johns
Age: 21


Anthony Kattuman
College: St Johns
Age: 21


Patrick Leong-Son
College: Sidney Sussex
Age: 20


Ally Macdonald
College: Downing
Age: 20


George Milner
College: Emmanuel
Age: 20


Will Parker
College: Kings
Age: 18


Sam Reynolds
College: Kings
Age: 20


Adam Shafiq
College: Selwyn
Age: 21


Thomas Whitworth
College: Robinson
Age: 20


Elliot Wilde
College: Selwyn
Age: 22