Weekend Preview (08/02/2020) – A guide to Oxf*rd

We're still trying to work out YIDB. Current thinking is "Yes, I despise beer", but suggestions welcome! After a week off from writing the weekend preview, a cracking effort fellas (& Frankie), I’ve found myself back in the hot seat. And crikey, aren’t things heating up; I’m sweating like an Oxf*rd left-back on the ball. … Continue reading Weekend Preview (08/02/2020) – A guide to Oxf*rd

01/02/2020 – Fresher’s Weekend Preview

Before we get into previewing yet another weekend of hockey-wrought pandemonium, this issue of the weekend preview comes with a warning. Do not expect this to function, be funny, or be any good. It is in attempting to step into the gargantuan (although strangely youthful-looking for their age) boots of Dr Webmaster, that we, the most foolish … Continue reading 01/02/2020 – Fresher’s Weekend Preview

Alumni Weekend Preview

In a worldwide exclusive, please see below a leaked version of our inspection report by alumni from the upcoming alumni weekend! 23 days to BDotY! Fun fact: Dr Pepper is flavoured with a proprietary mixture of 23 flavourings. Cambridge University Hockey Academy Inspection report Unique Reference Number4322666 Local AuthorityCambridgeshireInspection number1890Inspection date24 January 2020Reporting inspectorAlumni Type … Continue reading Alumni Weekend Preview

Happy New Decade! L’avant-première de Weekend (11/01/2020)

You can pick a whole new fantasy hockey team for this term. All changes 100% off. This weekend only. Everything must go!  New teams welcome (Freshers, Parents, Family & Friends, Alumni, Vice-Chancellor get involved!)! There wilby a winner for both the term and overall! Follow this link and email with your team! Those all-important … Continue reading Happy New Decade! L’avant-première de Weekend (11/01/2020)

The best term reports aren’t on CamCORS

With Jeremy Corbyn calling for a time of reflection, and the fact I'm truly missing the opportunity to fire below-average chat from the starting cannon, I thought I'd spend the evening writing a mid-season report for CUHC. The Big Success CUHC's online presence continues to thrive. Whilst I'm still persuading Totton to go premium on … Continue reading The best term reports aren’t on CamCORS

30/11/19 – Tenmas Dinner Preview

At this special time of the year, it is important to remind those new to CUHC why we celebrate this special time. The origins of CUHCmas are often forgotten, but nonetheless the website is here to provide you with that all-important content. Long ago, when Commander Sides ruled Wilby (now affiliated to Cambridge Uni Sport), … Continue reading 30/11/19 – Tenmas Dinner Preview