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With the Blues Varsity matches approaching, CUHC News got in touch with Leonardo da Swinnci, a Cambridge-based artist and graphic designer, who offered to coordinate the publicity drive. The artist, described by over two people as ‘the best Painter in CUHC’ has produced a selection of designs and slogans for us. We’ve included a voting form and a comments section in order to collect feedback. Get voting!

“I was delighted when offered the chance to design posters and slogans for the 114th Varsity hockey match. Simplicity is the theme running through my designs and the slogans are memorable, snappy, thought-provoking and memorable. In this article, I explain the ideas behind each poster although remember, this is art: you are free to interpret each poster as you wish, even if you are wrong.”

Varsity hockey posterPoster 1: “I really wanted to make a poster that commands attention and this striking design offers very much that. The Cambridge Blue background is intended to subliminally encourage support for Cambridge whilst the red writing symbolises the sanguine colours of a Wilberforce sunset.”



Varsity hockey poster 3Poster 2: “With this design, I really wanted to emphasise the fact that both Oxford and Cambridge do a large amount of training, but that Cambridge perhaps train a bit more and hence are better at hockey.”



Varsity hockey poster 2Poster 3: “
Previous varsity matches have posed the question “Which Blue are you?” I wanted to reflect this sentiment, but in a more catchy manner that would really stick in supporters’ minds. Both shades of blue on offer are demonstrated, although the relative areas of each shade subliminally influence neutrals to pick Cambridge blue and hence support Cambridge. The strip of Dark Blue really only serves to remind the audience what the other option is.


Varsity hockey poster 4Poster 4: “This poster uses a metaphor. It does not actually propose moving the Wilberforce road pitch and clubhouse to Southgate, instead it cleverly promotes a partisan Wilby crowd supporting CUHC at Southgate HC, the location of the 114th Hockey varsity match.”



Varsity hockey poster 6Poster 5: “The new G.D.B.O. except it’s not blasphemous. This hashtag will really take off in Varsity term and I expect it to catch on across a number of high profile sports. #IJCSO.”

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  1. When….. I…. Was…. Just a little boy, I asked my mother: “what should i be?”
    #loudnoises #ijcso

  2. “Simplicity is the theme running through my designs and the slogans are memorable, snappy, thought-provoking and memorable”

    Good job they are memorable as you seem to have already forgotten you’d already said they were…

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