Last Weekend

Match reports for Saturday 26th January 2019

26/01/2019 Women's Blues 7 - 0 Norwich Dragons 1s | MoM Lucia

7 Goals- (Ariana Grande feat. WBlues)

Driving the baseline and slick silky corners,
Keeping possession and lots of clean tackles
Giving it early and making them leads,
These are a few of the Blues’ favourite things

Been through some bad times and heard Darrell shouting,
Yes we’ve improved but sometimes it was savage,
But this massive win shows that we’re a sick team
Win the league and varsity that’s the dream…

Battle- she flicked it, Mollie- she binned it,
Izzy- she slapped it, Annalise- she hit it
Give Luce the ball, gee thanks she’ll score it
We got it, we pass it, 7 goals, we score it

We get it, we score it, we get it we score it,
We get it, we score it, we get it we score it,
You like our team? Gee thanks we’re on it
We get it, we pass it, one touch, we score it

After the match we ate Bella’s mum’s baking,
After we’d cooled down to stop our legs aching
Elaine brought us doughnuts and Lucy’s dog came
And Amy in danger spoons cheated on Owain

Now Darrel can’t tell us off for not scoring
And you can’t say that our matches are boring
7 goals in one match and a clean sheet,
O*ford, Bath, Dereham are who we will beat…

MOM- Lucia
DOD- Monty