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Welcome to the Varsity archives.

We have organised every result and team sheet since the first Varsity Match in 1890 online so that you don’t have plough through dusty leather-bound books to find what you’re looking for!

The menu on the right (may be displayed above in some browsers) lists every decade since 1890. Click on the decade of interest and you will find the Cambridge Blues’ team sheet from that year. The team sheets for CUWHC are only available from 1998 onwards.

Scores are available for the Men’s Blues since the inaugural Varsity Match in 1890. Results are available for the Women’s Blues since 1898 (taken from engraving on the trophy) but Varsity Matches are known to have been played before then: the 1894 match was celebrated in a poem. Scores are available for the Women’s Blues since 1984.

These archives are a work in progress: if you have any of the information currently missing from the archives or spot any mistakes, please email  and it will be added.

Related to this page, is the Vann Club: the Alumni club of CUHC. Click on the link to find out more.

Recent Varsity Matches

The table below details the Varsity results of the past 5 years. Click on underlined results to read the match reports

Year Men's Blues Women's Blues Wanderers Nomads Squanderers Bedouin


WIN 2-1 LOSS 1-2 LOSS 2-4 WIN 2-1 LOSS 1-2 LOSS 0-1


WIN 2-2 (3-1) WIN 2-1 LOSS 0-1 LOSS 1-2 LOSS 1-3 WIN 3-2


WIN 2-1 LOSS 2-3 WIN 5-0 WIN 5-0 WIN 5-2 LOSS 1-1 (0-3)


DRAW 1-1 WIN 2-0 WIN 2-0 WIN 2-0 DRAW 0-0 DRAW 3-3


WIN 5-3 DRAW 0-0 DRAW 3-3 LOSS 1-3 DRAW 2-2 LOSS 0-1


LOSS 2-5 DRAW 1-1 WIN 4-1 LOSS 1-5 LOSS 0-2 LOSS 0-2

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