Weekend Preview 01/12/2018

Thanks to Alicia Murphy and El Presidente Liv Shears for stepping in this week as I am very busy. Good luck everyone!

Sunday saw members of the University Hockey Club attend a classy affair known as Christmas Dinner. Gowns were worn, beverages were consumed, speeches were made, and dancing continued into the night. The overall performance was exemplary; with 100% of attendees making it to the Cloob. Highlights included the speeches – featuring the next UK #1 from Owain Hougton and an impressive livestream from Harry Leng, who cba to come to Cindies so filmed it on the bog in Chads. Numerous chirpses occurred as ever – here at CUHC we pride ourselves on diversity and age-discrimination was shown not to be an issue by some of the veterans. An epic battle between Battie and Sides concluded with humble victory for Sides, but there were many strong runners up who could beat them to the post next year with perseverance.

In terms of hockey, there are still some matches to be played before term ends, so here’s this week’s lowdown:


The Beds travel to the beach of Wis, where their opposition sit mid-table in 3NW. With the Beds on a 6-match winning streak, Wisbech should be very afraid of their slick skills and team spirit – and having found a new dragflicker in Danielle, they’ll be unstoppable on short corners. Hopefully no balls will go near their own goal because they currently don’t have a keeper.


The Squandies take on City of Peterborough 5s, who sit one place below them in the league. After a mixed bag of close performances, they will hope to bring the flair shown against the Beds on Thursday to this home fixture. The lack of 400m running training on Sunday was unfortunate, but has a silver lining in that the Squandies should have extra legs to run round CoP this weekend.


The Nomads also take on Wisbech, but luckily not at the beach. Catch them at Wilby at 1.30. With their opposition sitting mid-table, they’ll have the chance to put up a serious performance. Coach Matt Jervis will be hoping that his range of team bonding and tactics exercises produce some results.


After a couple of good wins recently, the Wandies play Norwich City 2s at Wilby at 12pm. Norwich City sit 2nd bottom of the table so should provide a good opportunity to get a few more goals. I don’t know if Jason Allen ever found either his allen keys or his actual keys but hopefully this won’t inhibit the teams’ progress on the pitch.

Women’s Blues

The WBlues travel to Lowestoft (fun facts: most easterly point in the UK) for an unbelievably early game. If the freshers don’t sleep through their alarms, the girls will be looking to arrive on time to cement their position in the top two. Plus, hopefully, Battie will ctrl-alt-delete some more goals and the girls can fly on to CUHSKi on a high.

Men’s Blues

The MBlues take on Norwich City 1 away, which is a slightly shorter journey than their mammoth BUCS Wednesday to Plymouth. They’ll be looking to take three points from the fixture to put them in strong promotion contention before the Christmas break, when Owain might have time to write a song about them too.

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