Weekend Preview 02/02/2019

CUHC teams as Six Nations countries this week. Good luck everyone.

Bedouin – Ireland

Short reason: they’re class.

The Beds form in recent weeks can only draw comparisons with last year’s Grand Slam Champions. They will look to follow up a 7-1 pumping of Huntington last week with a win on the road at Horncastle tomorrow.

Squanderers – France

Short reason: mercurial.

Much like the French, you never quite know what your going to get from the elusive Squanderers. Capable of both scintillating attacking play on the pitch and clotheless team capitulations on nights out, they will be hoping to build on a comprehensive win at Wisbech Town last week in the build up to varsity. They’re on at 10:30 at Wilby against nearby CoP. IFLTS. Allez les Bleus.

Women’s Blues – England

Short reason: quite good and have a huge game tomorrow.

The Women’s Blues have been winning lots this year but, because everyone expected them to, that in itself is not enough. Indeed, parallels can be drawn with the Roses, who always do ok but rarely as well as billed. While England travel to Dublin tomorrow in what could be a Championship defining game, the Women’s Blues make the slightly less glamorous trip to Dereham to face the league leaders. A huge six pointer for the girls.

Men’s Blues – Scotland

Short reason: cold.

After spending the last few seasons in relegation scraps the Men’s Blues have been on resurgent form this year, not unlike the humble and ever likable Scots. More importantly, though, their game against Letchworth tomorrow has been rescheduled due to the frosty conditions. Instead, they’ll be huddling together for warmth in Hawks watching TV over porridge, haggis and whiskey.

Nomads – Italy

Short reason: having a tough season.

Just as the Italians have struggled since the Five Nations became Six in 2000, the Nomads have endured a difficult season after earning promotion to Division 1N last year. Also like the Azzurri, though, they have put in some excellent performances and are always in with a chance of pulling out a result. Tomorrow’s game against nearby Lowestoft is a chance for them to climb back up the, exceptionally tight, Division 1N table.

Wanderers – Wales

Struggling with this one to be honest. The first two letters are the same? They both like daffodils?  Anyway you can see the Wandies in the prime slot at Wilby tomorrow. Get down at 13:30 to blare out Bread of Heaven.

Team Position Form Guide Opposition Time H/A
Women's Blues 2 WWWDW Dereham 1 12:00 A
Men's Blues 4 LWWDL - - -
Nomads 11 WLLLL Lowestoft Ladies 1 12:00 H
Wanderers 7 WDLWL Harleston Magpies 2 13:30 H
Bedouin 4 WWLWW Horncastle 11:30 A
Squanderers 5 WLWWW City of Peterborough 4 10:30 H

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