Weekend Preview 04/11/17

PUB GOLF: Name a better way to keep the week 5 blues at bay, I’ll wait. 

Pub golf has come round again, but what can the freshers expect from the third biggest night of the year? We asked some present and ex CUHC players to tell us their pub Golf highlights.


40 year old man invades Pub Golf


‘Jamie Bristow standing in the corner of kuda asking for me to take a photo of him because he’d just bought loads of vks’ – Matt Cockerill


‘In 2016, when 96 pints of Tomma were drunk over the course of the evening’ – A. Evans.


‘Ferg Flan asking Andy for a drink that looks strong but doesn’t contain any alcohol’ – Ferg McNab


‘I have little chat to offer on account of not being able to remember pub golf ever’ – Kirkpatrick


‘I didn’t go in my first year and I think the one notable thing from last year was the moment I realised my belt broke was caught on the Kuda cam’ – Ed Sides 



‘I didn’t make it to Pub Golf in my first year, I got to the door of spoons and was so nervous I had to leave’ – Johnny SS


‘In my second year, when all the cubicles in life were taken but Peter ‘Arge’ Akyol needed toe loo badly. We lifted him up by the legs and threw him head first over the cubicle door where he sprawled on top of the disgruntled weeing Monty Fynn” – Jean


‘Best stop on pub golf? McDonalds everytime – its an evening where both maccy d’s and van of life are justified’ – Freddie Briscoe


‘I was having such a good time with my partner that I didn’t want to leave The Baron of Beef. We ended up sharing a bottle of Pinot Noir and now he is my boyfriend’ – Anonymous Alumni (2)


‘Despite being tied to her all evening, I thought BNOC Harriet Moore was a fresher Bed. I don’t think she’s ever forgiven me for it’’ – Elliot Lindsay


‘Sorry, I’ve just had a baby. Can we talk later?’ – Richard Hesketh


‘In my first year, I was lucky enough to be tied to two boys (one on each foot). I tried to take them both along to Maccies toilets but the Maccies staff were already on guard because we must have been the 100th mixed sex group to try and sneak into Maccies loos that night lol. I also suffered a dramatic fall in Market Square in my first year and had a very eventful time trying to get up as the boys kept moving in different directions’-Molly Buxton


‘Me being the only person to ever get a whole in one in Maccies. A singularly epic performance.’ – Alex Kendal



Team Match type Opposition Venue PB Time League/Cup Form
04/11/17 Men’s Blues League  Chelmsford H 13.30 LWWLL
04/11/17 Women’s Blues League  Seven Oaks  A 13.30 LLLL
04/11/17 Wanderers League  Norwich A 12.00 LDLL
04/11/17 Nomads League  Cambridge Nomads  H 13.00 WDL
04/11/17 Squanderers League  Dereham H 15.30 LLDL
04/11/17 Bedouins League  Bury St. Edmunds  A 10.30 LDWW

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