Weekend Preview 05/11/16

This weekend sees not much on the travelling front, with only the Nomads leaving Cambridge to play Lowestoft Ladies at 1130. Wilby sees 4 CUHC teams in a row from 1030 with Beds, right through to the Mens blues at 1500. With your reading week approaching, it’s the perfect opportunity to see over half the club in action without having to move from the balcony (except maybe to go to the bar).

However, hockey only occupies a Saturday. So what to do with the rest of your week? Well the CUHC media team has got a few good ideas for you:

Sunday – Order STASH


With a tight Monday deadline set by the stash secs in an attempt to make sure we get our stuff in time for May week, Sunday afternoon should be dedicated to stash. The first step is normally looking at your bank balance, horrible prospect that may seem, to work out how much you can reasonably spend on stash. Stage 2 is then working out how to get the stash when you don’t have any money, and the key here is Christma. You might think it’s too early to be thinking about Christmas, but let your parents know that you desperately need the latest and greatest in CUHC regalia and they’ll be delighted to help out. Stage 3 is filling out the form. This is another tricky stage, with much sizing information to process. As a rule of thumb: Normal sizing is fine for most items, training tops were a little large last year so consider sizing down. The hoodies had absurd sleeves last year (clothing sizing is one of the places testing should definitely take place on humans and not gorillas). Beaters are supposed to be tight, XS recommended.

Stash - You can look good everywhere/anytime.
Stash – You can look good everywhere/anytime.

Monday – Varsity Research

Monday morning is a write off of course, but when you finally do roll out of bed regretting your Life choices, it’s the perfect time to think about Varsity. It’s a long way away, but the preparation has to start early. That’s why we’re recommending doing some light reading now. A few good starting points could be the 2015 varsity highlights (mens and womens – if nothing else watch this goal), or maybe have a scroll through our archive. If you have any of the old booklets from 2s3s varsity they’re always worth a read through as well.

Wednesday – Women’s Blues vs. Cardiff 1s

Having travelled to Exeter last week, they’ll be happy to have a home game this week. Weather Wednesday could be a little damp, which is perfect for sitting in the clubhouse and watching flair hockey on a slick Wilby surface.

The mens blues unfortunately have to get to the center of London for their game against Kings College.

Wednesday Night

Guys go on the Athletics swap – sign up sheet here. Poor effort snaking Sides last week let’s not have a repeat. We’ll see everyone in Cindies right?

Not bad growth for week 1
Not bad growth for week 1

Thursday – Tend to the Mo, Abs training

Thursday morning is another write off, which is why the rest of the day should be dedicated to getting yourself in great shape, both physically and moustachely. With just over a week of growth, perhaps it’s time for a little trimming around the edges? Having tended your Mo, or not for the half of the club that’s not naturally inclined to mo growing, abs sessions are highly recommended.


Get hyped for next weeks games. Read next weeks preview. Don’t Pre-match booze etc etc.



Team Position in table Opposition Opposition position in table Venue PB Time League Form
Men's Blues 9 Cam City 2s 11 A 1500 LLLWLWL
Women's Blues 6 Holcombe 1s 9 H 1330 WWLWLDL
Wanderers 6 I-ES 1s 7 H 1200 LWWDLLW
Nomads 12 Lowestoft Ladies 1s 9 A 1130 DLLLLLL
Squanderers 5 Cam City 4s 12 A 1200 WDWLWLD
Bedouin 12 Long Sutton 1s 2 H 1030 LLLDLLL

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