Weekend Preview – 14/09/19

With a Wapping 3/7ths of a week of pre-season firmly under our belts, it’s fair to say that not much has changed at CUHC. With a lot of the same old (and some still fresh) faces, average hockey and “world-class niche chat”, those who’ve turned up to pre-season have at least been blessed with some rather toasty southern weather.

First of all, I hope you’ve all had a cracking summer. The more observant among you may have noticed that the internet looks a little different. You are indeed correct. After having had a small break in Turkey to watch some football, (see the General) the webmaster has been busy at work. Stay tuned for clues about how to enter fantasy hockey.

This weekend, I’m told our Blues have some friendlies, so it would have been impolite not to have offered something. With the Squandies having already got their match practice underway, with an classic performance for the English Carribean Board’s middle order, our Blues wilby hoping to go above and beyond the high bar set by our beloved Squanderers.

For their first friendly of the season, our Men’s Blues travel to Richmond HC. With hopes of promotion this year, having only narrowly missed out on promotion last year, new Captain Ed Tyler is confident of a strong season. I would have offered some chat about this week’s team, but it would have just looked harsh on Silver.

Courtesy of my nervous disposition when talking to girls, I wasn’t able to ask what the ladies have been up to. However, some observant wanderers told me that they’ve got some “class talent”. It must be said that it wasn’t particularly clear what attributes they were referring to, but we’ll find out on Saturday.

I believe our Women’s Blues are playing Wapping HC at the Wilberfortress (14:15 kick off). With some notable departures from their team this summer, Amy Edwards wilby looking to rebuild her squad quickly with said “class talent” before the season gets fully underway. So if you’re in Cambridge and want to avoid watching the Squanderer’s second innings against the Australia-South Africa Alliance, then get yourself down to the Wilberfortress and cheer them on.

But anyway that’s enough about hockey. The start of a new season means one thing, a new batch of delightful freshers. Entering my fifth year as a fresher, I feel extremely qualified to provide some insight. Whether it’s being ID’d for buying matchboxes, convincing students you’re a fifteen-year-old child genius or just trying to have a conversation with Broby Tooks, I’ve been there, done that and got an XS T-shirt.

Starting at CUHC can be daunting, but have no fear! The website is here. Now in its second edition, we’ve issued our updated Fresher’s dictionary. Here you’ll find an A-Z helping you to work out what on earth is going on.

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Fun Fact: It’s 156 days to BDotY. That’s equal to the number of hourly gongs a clock strikes in one day. 

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