Weekend Preview 16/02/2019 – BDOTY

With the Best Day of the Year almost upon us, senior members of the club are aware that it can be a bewildering time for freshpeople. Well have no fear! In this preview we will explain some of the technical terms you have probably heard in recent days but may not understand.

BDOTY (n., /bɛst deɪ ɒv ðə jɪə/)

2s3s4s: the best day of the year.

Nomad: Have you enjoyed BDOTY 2014?

Becky Wilson: This is not just the best day of the year, but the best day of my life.


Five from five (n., /fʌɪv frɒm fʌɪv/)

When CUHC wins every game at 2s3s4s. Traditionally followed by a rendition  of Take That’s “Greatest Day” in the Wilberforce Road car park and obnoxious night-long flag waving.

CUHC member: Diesel, what do you think of our five from five today?

Diesel: ‘Today this could be…’

Crewdate (n., v., /kruːdeɪt/)

Silly Oxford word for swap.

Silly Oxford person: Excuse me but do you know where the crewdate is happening tonight?

Sensible Cambridge person: I have no idea what you mean but I’ll be going to Cindies for a massive swap.

Can (n., /kən/)

(1) Metal beverage container.

Person 1: Shall we get a keg for 2s3s4s this year?

Person 2: Nah, I’m just going to stick to cans.

(2) A device used to consume large quantities of beer really fast. Usually made from a length of tubing and a watering can.

Crowd: Can! Can! Can! Can!


From the can, from the can, from the can.

Vuv (n., /vuːv/)

Short for vuvuzela. Device used for making antisocial noises during BDOTY. Can also be substituted for a can (see can[2] above).

Everyone: From the vuv, from the vuv, from the vuv!

Hatty: Go away I already did a can!

Shandy (n., /ˈʃandi/)

Made by mixing a tiny amount of beer with a large amount of lemonade, a shandy is the favoured beverage of members of Oxford University. Avoid if you like fun.

Oxford player: Would you like to share this shandy with me?

Cambridge player: No thanks, I like fun. Also stop booze dodging.

Jackson o’clock (n., /’dʒaksʌn əˈklɒk/)

Point in the day when it all gets a bit much. Can be surprisingly early for some.

TJ (at 2:30pm): I think it’s home time for me chaps.

Everyone: Must be Jackson o’clock.

Pymo: Right chaps, Jackson o’clock.

Everyone: OK Pymo see you later.

Randolph Hotel Staff: Excuse me sir do you have a room here?

Pymo: Yes..

Randolph Hotel Staff: Very good sir.

Campkin: Uhhh, uhhh, Jackson o’clock?, um.

Everyone: But Campo the coach doesn’t leave for another three hours.

Campkin: Uhh, um, yeah?, uhhhh, going to have a, uh, nap at my friend from school’s house, uhh, see you at the, um, coach.

From left to right: James Campins at Jackson o’clock, Mr Tickle; Wacky Wavy Inflatable Man (yellow).

Kieran (n., /’kiːn/)

When someone is trying to coach a team at 2s3s4s but instead just brags about their own varsity prowess.

Kieran: Whenever I play in Varsity I play with lots of confidence and I always have the best game of my season and am normally man on the mach.

Wandies: He just did a Kieran didn’t he.

Beer staff (n., /bɪə stɑːf/)

Using cans, one drinks a beer and once it’s finished one adds a fresh brew on top of the empty can and just keeps going until one has the biggest “staff” in town.

Pete: Look at my staff lads! That’s 30 units today!

Everyone: Shut up Pete, we all saw you taking cans out the bin.

SeX5 (n. /’sɛksfʌɪv/)

Mode of transport used on Monday morning to return home from an away 2s3s4s after one has, for any reason, missed the coach.

Anonymous Maverick: But won’t you miss the coach?

Dutch Squanderer: Don’t worry, I can catch the SeX5.

Men’s Blues goalkeeper: Shall we take the SeX5 or wait for the coach?

Nomads captain: Nah, let’s get a taxi. The club will pay.

At least you didn’t splash £160 on a taxi the club wouldn’t pay for Niels.

Have a good day everyone.

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