Weekend Preview 24/11/2018

Our busy social calendar deserves top billing this weekend. Still some important hockey to play too though.

Pub Golf

Last weekend was Pub Golf and although sadly I could not attend I’ve heard it was a large one (apparently a bit too large for some people! i.e. James Campins). Thanks to Sean Gilmore for filling me in.

Left to right: James Campins preparing for his interview; Mr Tickle; Wacky Wavy Inflatable Man.
Jason Allen was present but is not tall.

Everyone assembled at Spoons where there was a poor turn out from the Social Secs except Jason Allen. There was lots of boring bribing – I’m told that a certain bribe was not fulfilled by the Social Sec in attendance, but it all worked out so no worries there. Once paired up, the group headed through various drinking holes to Hawks. Jonathan Parke was told off for littering and Will Silver did not sing Boom! Shake the Room. Bill Taylor however did ‘sing’ Piano Man, to mixed reviews. Sean reports that in general beverages were not consumed at a satisfactory rate but of course anyone can drink as much or as little as they like at whatever rate they wish so I’m not sure what he’s on about.

Billy Taylor, Piano Man.

There was a long tedious debate about where to go next. In the end the group settled on Fez/Jez, although some boring people went to Life first. The green fee was a whopping £7, leading some golfers to “run the gauntlet” so to speak and sprint upstairs. If you sprinted fast enough up the stairs you were rewarded with free entry to Fez. In Fez we learned that Jack England is a good kisser (in a relative sense). Jean claims he was there but no one remembers (typical), and apparently it all got a bit much for poor Matt Roberts. I’m sure lots more funny things happened but if so no one told me so sorry about that.

Apparently we went to Fez.

Great stuff!

And the fun doesn’t stop! This weekend it’s… Christmas Dinner!

Christmas Dinner 2018: Big expectations.


The Nomads pulled off a huge win last week to put a bit of distance between them and the drop zone in Division 1N. They also picked up a comfortable win in the first round of the BUCS Hockey Midlands Cup away in Derby on Wednesday. This week they make one of most notorious away trips for CUHC teams, to Dereham. It won’t be an easy against a team at the top of the table on a pitch that looks ok but actually isn’t. Look out for a giant Cockerel on the clubhouse, and no I don’t mean ex-Men’s Blues captain Matthew.


The Beds pumped Haverhill last week to go third in Division 3NW (helped by an impressive +30 goal difference) and put five Ws in the form guide. This weekend’s opposition – Ely City – are just a point behind though so it will be crucial for the girls use the momentum and keep the points coming. They’re on in the early slot at Wilby.

Men’s Blues

The Men’s Blues have done the job against weaker opposition for a few weeks in a row but have a tougher fixture this week against a Bedford side just below them in East Prem A. As ever, three points are essential as they look to nail home their position in the top four. They’re on at 13:30 at Wilberforce Road.


The Wandies followed a disappointing last minute draw last week with a closely fought cup win against Birmingham 5s on Wednesday. They travel to Potters Bar tomorrow. I was as gutted as the next person when they decided to rebrand The Three Broomsticks – we all had a lot of memories there – but it makes sense to give a nod to Harry’s contributions to wizard society and I will admit the new butterbeer is delicious. Accio points!

Women’s Blues

The Women’s Blues squeezed past Ipswich last week to maintain their position in second place and now have a huge six pointer against third place Bedford. Catch them at 12:00 at Wilby.


Another draw for the Squandies sees them stay in fourth in Division 3NW. This week they face top of the table Horncastle in Horncastle – it would be an impressive scalp to claim.

Team Position Form Guide Opposition Time H/A
Women's Blues 2 LDWWW Bedford 2 12:00 H
Men's Blues 4 WLWWW Bedford 1 13:30 H
Nomads 9 LLLLW Dereham 1 13:30 A
Wanderers 9 DDLWD Potters Bar 1 15:00 A
Bedouin 3 WWWWW Ely City 1 10:30 H
Squanderers 4 DWWDD Horncastle 1 12:30 A

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