College Academy

MorThe College Academy is a recently introduced scheme run by CUHC. It offers weekly training sessions to help develop college players skills and gameplay. The sessions are open to everyone, whether you are serious about improving or just want a fun knock around. The sessions are led by student coaches who will try to make the sessions suited to everyone’s abilities.

Blunderer selection

Men who attend these sessions are also considered for the Blunderer’s squad which plays against OUHC Mens’ 4th XI (‘The Sporadics’) on 2s/3s/4s Varsity. Please note, in line with CUHC selection policy for all other teams, consideration takes into account both ability and commitment. If you only attend one session no matter how good you are you will not be selected.

Women’s 4th Team

As much as we would love to be able to offer the same for a Women’s squad, Oxf*rd cannot currently raise a Women’s 4th team. Hence, this isn’t possible. However, please still come along to sessions!

Further details

All sessions take place at the Wilberforce Road hockey pitch. For directions, please look here.

If you are interested in attending, please email our President, Louis Totton () or join the CUHC College academy Facebook Group.