Men’s leagues

Men’s Leagues: fixtures, results, and league tables

There are currently two Men’s divisions, each with around six teams. There are two leagues, one played during Michaelmas and the other during Lent, with promotion and relegation after each term. Hence, if a team in Division II wins the league in Michaelmas they will compete in Division I during the Lent term.

The winner of Division I in Michaelmas term will compete in the ‘Supercuppers’ match against Oxford’s Division I winner. This takes place on the same day as the JMAN Group Varsity Hockey Matches at Southgate HC, in early March. Blues players are not allowed to compete in the league competitions.

Cuppers is the inter-college knock-out competition where all hockey players in the college can play, including those who have represented the Blues. This starts in Michaelmas and normally concludes towards the end of Lent term or very early in the Easter term.

Reigning Division I Champions: St. John’s College
Reigning Cuppers Champions: Jesus College
Reigning Suppercuppers Champions: Somewhere in Oxf*rd