Women’s leagues

Women’s Leagues: fixtures, results, and league tables

There are two women’s divisions, as well as a knock-out Cuppers competition. The leagues are played over both the Michaelmas and Lent terms. For instance, the winner of Division II at the end of the Lent term would start the next academic year in Division I.

Sadly, there is no equivalent of the Men’s ‘Suppercuppers’ match played, but in 2018, it was decided to play Supercuppers as a mixed match.

Cuppers is the college knock-out competition, where Blues players (who are not allowed to play in league fixtures) may represent their college. The first rounds are played in Michaelmas term, with the final typically held around the first week of Easter term.

Reigning Division 1 Champions: St. Catharine’s College
Reigning Cuppers Champions: Murray Edwards