General Information

In order of importance:


Varsity is where we beat the wrong shade of blue. It is, without doubt, the highlight of the CUHC calendar, and involves a lot of hockey and social activities. The Blues play the JMAN group Varsity Hockey Matches at Southgate HC. The 2s/3s/4s Varsity Matches alternate each year between Cambridge and the other side of Milton Keynes. #GDBO


Stash is all about wearing the right shade of blue. For the 2019/2020 season, CUHC will be part of University of Cambridge Sport’s deal with PlayerLayer. Non-playing Kit will soon be available via an online shop. The club buys playing kit before preseason.

Our humble kit secs will also provide you with opportunities to buy other stash items throughout the year so that no part of your wardrobe is without the right shade of blue.

We also have some fantastic jewellery items available from the Engravers Guild.


Socials are a great way to show how much you love the right shade of blue. There are a wide variety of socials from Pub Golf to the first social of the year and Christmas dinner (latter both black tie/blazers). CUHC has a lot of fun both on & off the pitch, with a wide range of socials to cater to everyone.


A great way to hang out with your uni friends when all your friends at home have gone elsewhere. It’s also a fantastic way for freshers to settle in and get to know other students in Cambridge before Michaelmas term and the workload begins.


Preseason training begins two weeks before our first league fixtures.  However, some fitness work over the summer will make the first couple of weeks of training a lot easier!  The Men’s and Women’s Blues captains send out summer fitness programmes that will help you prepare for the season ahead.