The Vann Club

The Vann Club is the club for CUHC alumni.

The club is named in honour of Lt. Col. The Rev Bernard William Vann who received a Cambridge hockey blue in 1910. Lt. Col. The Rev Bernard William Vann was the only ordained clergyman of the Church of England to win the Victoria Cross in the Great War as a combatant.

The purpose of the Vann Club is to provide information to CUHC alumni about Varsity Matches and significant updates occurring at the club.  Fear not, you won’t receive a weekly email with the training schedule!

CUHC recently celebrated its 125th Anniversary with a dinner for alumni in Jesus College and alumni matches the following day. A report of the weekend can be found here.

To become a member of the club we ask each alumnus to set up an annual standing order with CUHC. The money raised will be specifically used to help fund Varsity matches, the current playing sides, and strengthen our relationship with the FelixFund, a bomb disposal charity that CUHC supports.

There are two methods of donation. The first is a one-off gift that can be done (with gift aid) by going to this link . The second method is to set up a standing order. This can be done by dowloading the CUHC standing order form (click on the link to download it). All funds donated come to CUHC from the university on a regular transfer basis. The form has an instruction on it to send it to the University at the Quayside offices. It would be useful if donors could send a copy of it to the Senior Treasurer on top of this so that we have a record of who is giving. Copies can be sent by post or scanned and e-mailed to Senior Treasurer,  (email address: The postal address is:

Dr. DI Wilson, Senior Treasurer CUHC, Jesus College, Cambridge, CB5 8BL

Your support is greatly appreciated and makes a significant difference to the running of CUHC.

If you have any questions regarding the Vann Club, please contact either .

To peruse the team sheets and results of Blues’ Varsity matches, please visit our new Varsity Archive. As it is a work in progress, please inform us of any incorrect or incomplete information by emailing .