Nomads’ Match Reports 2018/19

01/12/2018 Nomads 4 - 0 Wisbech Town 1s | MoM Soph G

Wisbech arrived at the Wilberfortress unbeaten in 2 games (quite good for them). We arrived unbeaten in 1 game (quite good for us). Head Coach Jerv and assistant coach Duckers didn’t turn up (shock). Thankfully for us, we were not playing at the beach (McNab, Shears & Murphy, 2018). Wisbech have, shockingly, only picked up 4 points away all season. We were therefore in good spirits. I personally was very excited for the game (but slightly more excited to go skiing straight after). We then started playing hockey – we scored 4 goals (credz to Soph^2 and Lizzie for their goals. One of the Soph’s scored 2 and got Mom). Fortunately, we also have a really good keeper (and I’m not talking about Duckers or Jerv) and so we let no goals in. I missed teas as I had to go to Heathrow and get on a flight to France because as a fresher you have to go on varsity trip apparently. Jerv and Duckers didn’t show up and we won. This often happens. Duckers actually hasn’t turned up to a win yet (shock again).


Thank you so much to Jerv and Duckers for their incredible work this term. They are genuinely the best coaches I have ever had and we are all eternally grateful to them. They work tirelessly and have so much knowledge about hockey. They have really transformed me as a player. If I had to sum them up in 1 word: inspirational.

MoM: Soph G

DoD: Connie

27/10/18 Nomads 1 - 3 Sudbury 1s | MoM Lizzie

Monday was a very exciting day as Jerv and I began our first week on the Obstetric Ward in Addenbrooke’s. This week we were tasked with seeing a real life baby being born. You may think this a relatively easy thing to do but babies do not like scheduling their arrival around the poor medical student’s timetable. Jerv was very excited about the babies to the point were it was getting a little bit weird but I didn’t want to say anything because he might have made me do more running in training. Wednesday was Wandies cocktails, an event that I had a good a chance of remembering this year seeing that ex-Wanderer mixologist Kirky is no longer around. Soph W set the precedent early on with a rather precocious “4 frogs” and the evening went rapidly downhill from there. Integrating with the fresh proved challenging as my chat is 5 years old so I decided to sit with the nomads coaches and Ferg and found my chat was more acceptable to them. I set off early for Cindoirs as Catton and I hadn’t purchased tickets so I made him do a light jog there while I rode my bike. Cindies queue was packed but with many years of cindies wisdom under our belts Jerv and I pushed in and were soon boogieing. Hockenhull then decided she had had enough and together we left Cindies with Jallen. Acting as Jallen’s personal detail we escorted him to Gardies, where we managed to put our bodyguarding skills to the test by fending off an angry man who wanted to punch him for no discernible reason.

Obviously Thursday being a complete wipeout Jerv and I only had one day to see a baby being born. It had been a frustrating week with many missed opportunities but eventually on Saturday morning we both got our wish and by 3am all the babies had been born. Unfortunately that didn’t leave that much time for sleeping and may have explained my late arrival at the fixture against Sudbury the next morning. It was a frustrating game and after equalizing early in the first half Sudbury managed to bang in another to make it 2-1 at half time. I cant really remember what happened in the second half but they scored again and it was all very depressing. Jerv was also angry at us as we didn’t do his special short that we had been working on in training, but I reminded him about babies and he seemed to calm down after that.

Mom: Lizzie Jack

Dod: Sass

22/09/18 Nomads 2-1 St Neots 1s | MoM Mog

The Nomads kicked off their matches, having been promoted at the end of last season, with a win. They say you should start as you mean to go on. 2-1 was the final score, with what some may say was a fluke goal from Jess Czink, and a goal from Izzy Austin. Unfortunately, through no fault of our own we conceded a goal which the umpire himself put in the back of the net (in true Nomads style obviously no-one complained …). We had pace, quick transfers and sneaky skills. MoM this week went to our keeper Mog. What a start girls, lets keep it up.

MoM: Mog

DoD: Soph W (for forgetting her duvet)

06/10/18 Nomads 2-1 Ipswich 2s | MoM Sarah W

On Saturday, the Nomads travelled an hour and a half down the A14 to play Ipswich. Despite the horrendous weather and slow sandy pitch, we were positive pre-match that we could get a result. We started strongly and the first goal came from a quickly taken free hit in defence with the ball spread wide to Anna who took on her player and crossed the ball in towards Sarah Wooding who fired it passed the keeper. We kept our energy high for the rest of the 1st half, creating a few more chances, and went in at half time 1-0 up.

The 2nd half was a bit scrappier, with Ipswich scoring an early short corner with a deflection on the right post. This motivated them and they began to press harder, putting our defence under more pressure. We did have our chances, with lots of good balls to the back post by Sass, one of which Sophie celebrated as she thought it had gone in. However, they began to get more and more frustrated with the umpires and the Nomads capitalised on this, with Sarah scoring her 2nd goal of the game. A mix up in substitutions then caused us to have 12 players on the pitch as
the game was about to restart, resulting in a yellow card for Captain Rachel. Fortunately, we managed to see out the last few minutes with 10 players to grind out a hard-fought win.

Mom – Sarah W
Dod – Georgie M (for getting Rach yellow carded)